handan polytechnic college

a brief introduction of handan polytechnic college|*O{-FX]\9l^h3?v=18
handan polytechnic college is located in the higher education area in the southeast of handan, a national famous historic and cultural city.e#1j}PQNW`/`x-,IOT
located in the south of hebei province, handan was the capital of zhao kingdom in the warring state period. it has a long history, abundant human landscapes and thick cultural connotation, and is known as china's capital of idioms. being close to beijing as well as tianjin and having the advantages of being a hub of three-dimensional communications, handan has become the economic center in the bordering area of such four provinces as hebei, henan, shandong and shanxi.Q[|r|SHni/V$zs$D
handan polytechnic college was founded in june 1983, and was formerly named handan vocational university, which the former general secretary, hu yaobang, wrote its name. in 1997, it was renamed handan polytechnic college.cstqzAMZ=KIlrwh
the college covers 550,000 square meters. the area of building is 230,000 square meters and the total value of equipment is 50,093,100 rmb yuan. there are 9578 full-time students on campus, 12 departments and 64 specialties, including 2 national education reform pilot specialties, 5 provincial ones, 4 provincial demonstration specialties and 10 province-level excellent courses and 40 college-level ones. the college has set up 5 national practice and training bases, 126 experimental and training sites on campus, 15 training bases sponsored by diverse social resources and 1958 ones in factories and companies. @s_b-bvk)ny*-
the college library is ratified as one of the collection places of unesco and a branch of china digital library, which collects 458,700 printed books and 402,300 e-books. p2\ml%w0m[p
the college has 431 full-time teachers, including 22 professors and 142 associate professors, among whom eleven are awarded provincial and municipal government allowances, 77.73% teachers are double-qualified teachers in theory teaching and vocational training, and 50.2% teachers have obtained master's or doctor's degrees. the college has a team of part-time teachers who are the technical backbones in enterprises. the college has sent 41 teachers to study abroad for master's or doctor's degrees, some of whom study for the development of polytechnic education courses.4zp.)QHRKf8!JL
in 25 years' development, our college has firmly insisted on polytechnic education orientation and been constantly devoted to renewing and perfecting the school-running ideology. we put forward a series of innovative thoughts and ideas for the running of polytechnic colleges in such newspapers and periodicals as guangming daily, etc. and relevant academic conferences, and the college has gradually formed the general systematic education theory and the school running ideology — to train one that demands a job as one that a job demands. and the college has established a characteristic training pattern — to load study in work, and began an innovation of curriculum system based on working procedures.]6u6U(q+;@(T+hF|
now the college has two school-owned factories, two research institutes, an iso14000 environmental management system authentication center, 15 relevant specialty-based research units. more than 240 achievements from teachers' technical services and invention patents are introduced to the social production. P^?+LFt]kun7%~l
the college has established a national vocational skill identification station as well as many training bases and centers. meanwhile we have signed resources sharing agreements with 7 national polytechnic colleges and 36 local secondary vocational schools and cooperated with more than 50 enterprises for the sharing of resources.NW`/`x-,IOTEw:!iCGqB
since 1984, the college has been successively serving as standing director and vice-chairman organization of china polytechnic education research association, chairman organization of north china branch thereof, directing organization of the employment committee thereof./V$zs$Dd&t9
in 1996, the college was recognized as one of the 15 experimental schools of china's demonstration polytechnic colleges. in 2002, the college was listed as a mainly supported college for the construction of a national “exemplary polytechnic college”. in 2003, the college was elected as one of the first-grade colleges in the national college teaching evaluation. in 2007, the college was chosen as one of a provincial “exemplary polytechnic college” in hebei. and since 2001, the college has been consecutively ratified as a provincial or a municipal “role model in ethical and cultural progress”.whN~#fj,em!4
the college has been attaching great importance to a comprehensive vocation-centered quality education, so that the students have won more than 50 various prizes in consecutive national and provincial vocational skill competitions and innovative ability competitions.-bvk)ny*-Cg
in recent three years, the standardized rate of first wish enrollment is 344.3%. the students' pass rate of vocational skill examination, the obtaining rate of vocational certificates, the employment rate of fresh graduates and the competence rate of the comprehensive evaluation for previous graduates are all above 95%. the college was consecutively awarded as one of the “advanced units” in the employment of graduates by hebei province.v3dp2\ml%w0m[
the college has signed agreements on school running cooperation with 5 foreign colleges, such as munich polytechnic college, etc., and warmly received visitors from more than 500 polytechnic colleges. the college has been promoting cultural and economic exchanges between handan and taiwan as well as south-east asia by taking the research of zhao culture (the history and culture of zhao state in spring and autumn period) as a means of communication.?Ea:S.Y44zp
the construction and development has been greatly supported by local government. handan municipal government has listed the college's construction for a “national demonstration polytechnic college” as a key program and promised to provide funds twice those from the nation and the province for the construction thereof.jxe_=:]6u6U(q+;@(T